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Monday, April 27, 2020

The watch list has 234 total employees, 60 are on mandatory quarantine, 174 are self-quarantined. 410 employees have returned to work.  The log has reached 644 employees.

There are 13 confirmed positive cases, 8 are currently active.  These numbers will change tomorrow as another positive tested carrier is scheduled to return to duty.

Tomorrow you should begin to see the cloth masks arriving in the units.  Each person requesting will receive a 5 pack to rotate and and wash giving them about 4 months of protection.

The proper procedures for returning empty sanitizer bottles to the plant for refilling are: the bottle should be washed out, deposited in a flat tub and placarded, then returned.

The next talk should deal with heat safety and focuses on wearing a mask.

Next update will be Wednesday, 4/29.


Friday, May 1, 2020

The watch list has 221 total employees, 51 are on mandatory quarantine, 170 are self-quarantined. 442 employees have returned to work.  The log has reached 663 employees.

There are 16 confirmed positive cases, 7 are currently active.  TPA Produce Annex and Kissimmee have added confirmed positives on 4/30/20.

After receiving reports that some offices in St. Petersburg did not receive the cloth masks that their leadership said  had been distributed, they were questioned via a Zoom meeting with President Henschen and VP Hubble. Apparently the postmaster had to backpedal her statement on 4/29 that they had been delivered to say they had been delivered to her office for distribution.

St Petersburg Carriers:  There has been a decision in many offices to change the starting times due to declining mail/flat volume, late arriving parcels and plant staffing.  President Henschen has objected to management hiding (stealing) out-of-schedule premium pay from carriers when they report early one day per week, so the starting times will be across the board.

Without a doubt adhering to this decision/this part of the contract will be used by management negatively.  If you hear: "The union won;t let you start early" what is actually true is the Postmaster doesn't want to pay out-of-schedule premium pay (before tour overtime), which is what is supposed to happen according to the contract.

Next update will be Monday, 5/4.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The watch list has 222 total employees, 55 are on mandatory quarantine, 167 are self-quarantined. 430 employees have returned to work.  The log has reached 652 employees.

There are 14 confirmed positive cases, 7 are currently active.  Manasota P & DC added a confirmed positive on 4/28/20.

Sadly the South Florida District has lost 2 employees to COVID-19.

Today we are told the cloth masks are in the offices. Each facility was given enough masks for 75% of its employees.  Not all carriers use masks and the cloth masks will be given to anyone requesting them.  A 5 pack will go to each employee wanting them, the pack is not to be split.

We wait to hear the dtails of the "ontat" survey for Manasota.

Next update will be Friday, 5/1.