February 3, 2015.

February 4, 2015

Pinellas Park Retiree Breakfast

Largo Retiree Breakfast

Randy "Marc" Morgan gathered his retirement hardware at the Holiday Pot Luck Meeting. Left Director of Retired Members presents Randy with an NALC Retirement Pin. Randy's wife Brenda also attended the celebration.

St. Petersburg,  Retiree

Lisa Lambert retires from the Punta Gorda Office.  She's been threatening this day would come and I'm sure she is glad It finally did. For the rest of us the work room floor wont be the same. Congratulations Lisa. January 30, 2015

Punta Gorda, Retiree 

January 1, started a new year, and was Mike's first day without a route to sort and carry. Pictured above Brother Gallo received a NALC Retirement pin from Director of Retired Members, OD Elliott at the South Branch Meeting on 1/22/2015 Gallo  served the Englewood Installation for 35 years.

Englewood's Mike Gallo, Hangs up His Satchel

January 21, 2015 Retiree's Breakfast Attendees'  

Left to Right: Bob and Dee Kaufman, Clarence Keller, Don Goble, Don Kosier, Dave Walker, Ron Cherry, Gil Migliano, Hank Gottleman, Jim Wamboldt, Rick Renshaw, Al Henderson.

If you haven't attended a Retiree Breakfast your missing out. These are a good opportunity to share some stories and catch up with old friends.

If  you haven't attended a Retiree Breakfast lately, it might be a good time to stop back in.  Most of the stories mentioned above are about those that missed the meeting.

St. Petersburg Retiree's