​​You won't even miss it!

​​Brothers and Sisters 
In the next few weeks, we will be working to increase our percentage of participation in the LCPF of Branch1477. Our efforts together will help the NALC open doors to those in Washington, D.C.  that support the issues important to Letter Carriers across the country. We cannot do it without you. I am asking each of you to consider setting up a contribution to the  LCPF.  Once you do, then ask a co-worker to  contribute. Its easy  and in December you won't even miss it. 

On November 24, 2018 All Grade 1 and Grade 2 CCA's will receive an Upgrade/Pay Schedule Consolidation of 3.1% , While FTR's receive a 2.1%

For a top Wage Grade 1 Full Time  Carrier that's an increase of  .53  to .65 an hour. CCA's  an increase of  about .53. 

click to see the latest pay chart 

A $10  donation to the Letter Carrier Political fund  per pay period runs you about a penny  and a half - an hour.  You won't even miss it. 

As a member of the NALC, there are several easy ways to give to the Letter Carrier Political Fund:

Payroll deduction: Contribute automatically, using PostalEase (either online or by phone) to set up an allotment deduction from your USPS paycheck.

Direct bank withdrawal: You can authorize the fund to withdraw a monthly electronic contribution directly from your personal checking account

Annuity deduction: Retired letter carriers can elect to give monthly via an automatic deduction from your monthly annuity. Follow the link at the top to sign-up. 

If you need any other information or assistance getting starting do not hesitate to contact me .

Zulma Betancourt 

First Vice President, Branch 1477


Ni siquiera te lo perderás

Hermanos y Hermanas
En las próximas semanas, trabajaremos para aumentar nuestro porcentaje de participación en el Fondo Político de Cartero. Nuestros esfuerzos juntos ayudarán al NALC abrir las puertas a estos en Washington, DC, que apoyan los temas importantes para los Cartero en todo el país. No podemos hacerlo sin ti. Les pido a cada uno de ustedes que consideren establecer una contribución al fondo. Una vez que lo haga, entonces pídale a un compañero de trabajo que contribuya. Es fácil y en Diciembre ni siquiera te lo perderás.
El 24 de Noviembre de 2018, todos los asistentes de Carteros de primer y segundo grado recibirán una Consolidación del programa de actualización / pago del 3.1%, mientras que todos los Carteros de carrera regulares recibirán el 2.1%.
Para un Cartero de carrera de grado 1 de salario superior es un aumento de .53 a .65 y por hora. CCA es un aumento de aproximadamente .53 por hora.
Una donación de $ 10 al fondo de Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) por período de pago ($ 5 a la semana) le costará aproximadamente un centavo y media a la hora. Ni siquiera te lo perderás.

Zulma Betancourt
Primer Vice Presidente, Sucursal 1477

Leadership Academy 

Zulma Betancourt,  Academy Class 23 discovered quickly the Academy was some of the most challenging  of all the training the NALC has to offer.  Her second project is to develop a long term sustainable program to promote the Letter Carrier Political Fund. "My hope is our Branch 1477 LCPF  task force continues on long after Academy graduation" 

Above: Joe Henschen, Mentor and Academy Class #1 graduate works with Zulma on her final project.