January 28, 2015

Florida House of Representatives, Chris Latvala Representative, District 67   Met with AFL/CIO leadership and affiliates from NALC Branch 1477 and the IBEW  to discuss topics of concern as the State Legislature begins the 2015 Session.  The Working Family Lobby Corps are targeting a number of weeks in Tallahassee to ensure a number of issues important to working families remain in focus as bills are introduced in 2015.

Representative Latvala listened intently and responded to a number of areas of concern. Raising Florida's Minimum Wage, Addressing Wage Theft issues as well as expanding Medicaid were discussed.  Representative also was informed of bills being written in both the State House and Senate that propose changing he No Excuse Absentee Ballot process to a more descriptive Vote By Mail process for registration. Additionally discussions highlighted the Collective State Supervisors of Elections are introducing a bill that will make referendum or special elections be conducted totally as a VBM election. Representative Chris Latvala throughout the meeting was engaged and open,  as someone can be with a month under his belt in the job.  

                                                                - Joe Henschen

January 29, 2015

Florida House of Representatives, Dwight Dudley Representative, District 68 Met with AFL/CIO affiliates on Thursday.  Dudley is the house ranking Democrat in Tallahassee serving on the sub committees for Energy and Utilities, Business and Professions, Civil Justice , the Judiciary and the Local Government Affairs Subcommittee.  Energy was definitely where Representative Dudley's passion was at least today during our meeting. Support of bills currently being written to support changing the "No Excuse Absentee Ballot" legislation to Vote by Mail and support for the Supervisor of Elections plans for Total VBM in Referendums and Special Elections were quick coming. Representative Dudley's discussion topics on energy were in depth and informative.  Crossing over from Nuclear and Fossil Fuel topics were seamless and clearly illustrated there is more to the story about how are taxes are used in subsidies. Not at all a topic in my comfort level but one that Representative Dudley is comfortable. We are lucky to have him in the District 68 Chair.

                                                                                - Joe Henschen



Working Families Lobby Corp.

Brothers OD Elliott and Gene Carroll,

Join the Working Family Lobby Corp in Tallahassee visiting our Representatives and discussing  a number of  issues in the State of Florida.  Above:  bending the ear of Representatives: Chris Latvala,  Daryl Rouson, Kathleen Peters,  Senators Bill Montford, Eleanor Sobel and  Jeff Clemons. The FSALC will be supporting the WFLC sending advocates to the capitol throughout the session and committee weeks.

Left: Inside the Rotunda, Tallahassee, Florida

Right: Joe Henschen,  President Branch 1477 Florida House Representative Dwight Dudley, District 68  and Steve Sarnoff, President of CWA Branch 3179