Thursday, July 2, 2020

The watch list has 325 total employees, 78 are on mandatory quarantine, 247 are self-quarantined. 815 employees have returned to work.  The log has reached 1140 employees.

There are 109 confirmed positive cases, 105 are currently active. There are 27 presumed positive cases. 

32 Confirmed Positive cases have returned to work.

Next update will be July 7th.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Information  7/2/20

Suncoast  Support  Hotline: 

(813) 354-6072

This photo was shared by steward Shiela Taylor

with the caption:          

 Even birds know how to Social Distance.

West Coast


Letter Carriers

Branch 1477

Banner posted at Tampa P & DC.  The District manager has ordered 19 for other locations.  Even if your installation does not get one - KNOW THIS IS TRUE!

(727) 531-1477